03 February 2005

busy, busy, busy

well, obviously i haven't blogged in a really long time. this was one of the reasons i never had a blog in the first place. i felt as though i didn't have enough to talk about to necessitate a blog. which i still think i don't, but i want this to at least be a place for people to check in and know what's going on in my life. so, i'll try and do better.

so...what has been going on in my life? well, last week i turned 21! sean and i went out to the mountain sun in downtown boulder with our friends daniel, forrest and janelle. it was a really nice time. good beer, good friends.
other big news in my life is that i have a new job. i am working at d'napoli's (the same little italian place that sean works) two nights a week now, waiting tables. this is one of the reasons i've not blogged much. on tuesdays and thursdays i work 13 hour days (starbucks and then d'napoli's) and then i work the other three days still at starbucks. i am not complaining at all. sean and i have both been blessed with work. mostly, it's just ment less time to do things such as blog.

so not too much has been going on in the oldroyd house. we were taking the dog on long walks about twice a week, but i had to stop going along because my knees are starting to hurt pretty badly from the 50 hours a week i spend on my feet. which, that's gotten me a little discouraged. my health hasn't been great since thailand, what with one thing or another and to have something else that i'm limited from because of my health...it's just gotten me frustrated lately.

our cat continues to harass all other living things, mainly sean and the dog, and any bugs. kenna has become a much more loving dog towards strangers. sean apparently is taking his anger out on the blond haired children of the world, and i feel like i'm an 80 year old woman with arthritis in my knees.

we are also looking into buying a house in boulder sometime this spring/summer. it's a long and complicated process, but we're just trying to take it step by step (oohh baby) (haha i only hope someone else knows that song out there) anyway we're just taking it one day at a time, and trusting God the whole way. we know that we can't get a house on our own, so this is just a great time of listening and obeying.


Annie said...

i love you dearly. thanks for the check in! Happy Birthday again. let's set a phone date! Tell Tony hello for me!