13 August 2005

it's comin' up

i realize that we never posted any pictures from our wedding. almost a YEAR ago!

12 August 2005

beautiful day

earlier i was sitting here reading my email. i decided to leave the front door open so that the last bits of summer breeze could run a muck in our house, while drinking my most favorite wine in the world (louis tete beaujolais villages 2003). partially watching when harry met sally on tv, and waiting for my dinner to finish cooking....i just simply love summer evenings.

on a completely crappier note i got a freakin' photo radar and red light enforcement ticket in the mail today. sean tried to make it sort of funny...but lets face it. it's not. and it's even less funny because it's the second one that i've gotten. i know i'm sure that i'm not getting any sympathy from anyone right now because you're most likely thinking "well maybe you should stop running red lights" and obviously that's true. but it's not that i'm some crazy out of control driver. i just really really HATE those stupid cameras. i'm not arguing that i didn't run the red light. OBVIOUSLY I DID. i'm just really really annoyed by the whole thing. i have a lot of reasons which i won't go through because no one wants to hear me complain. i'm just really really annoyed that every day i have to pass through 5 cameras simply to get to work. i'm all for having safe drivers on the road but the reason that i'm annoyed by this is because sean and i really have no money right now...which is fine, we're being taken care of....but i'm PISSED that we're spending money that we really don't have to pay off this stupid photo red light ticket. i'm just tired and i hate wasting my money. lame. that's all i have to say....lame. mostly it makes me upset because it effects sean. now there are things he can't have or do..the cat can't go to the vet, etc etc... sometimes life is beautiful...sometimes lame.

10 August 2005

save the drama fo yo momma

the other night sean when sean and i came home we herded three...or four very large cows back into the correct pasture before walking in our front door.
i finally saw the new charlie and the chocolate factory on IMAX and i loved it. i actually found myself laughing out loud. the experience was made all the better by the fact that sean and i went with deanna, anne, capp, amanda, and ross. it was a great night.
yesterday i started a huge art project on my desk, i hope to finish tonight. it's raining right now...apparently it's the "monsoon" season here in colorado. but i'm not sure how i feel about calling this a rainy season...the weather here is just weird and that's all i have to say about that. but for now i'll drink my chai and return to my art. peace.