29 August 2007

since kindergarten

here's to bath tubs full of jello, to painting play houses, to playing make-believe, to hours of dancing, watching erie indiana & are you afraid of the dark, to swimming & slip-in-slide, summers in the "junk yard" and tumble weed houses. happy belated birthday lildra j, i love the girl you were, i love the woman you have become. it's been quite a ride for eighteen years...here's to eighteen more.

28 August 2007

a motion to the floor

i really think that sean should start back up with his typepad site. anyone to second that motion?

also, sadly i did fail to mention that one of my favorite parts of our florida excursion was our time in ybor city, where i watched and listened as sean talked with an 80 year old man from cuba while he rolled cigars. he'd been rolling cigars since he was 14 years old.

23 August 2007

withlacoochee & chiggers ... ding. dang. doosie.

i've been trying for weeks to post something about our trip to florida. but there are just no words for our time there.
i hope that these photos give you at least a glimps of our many, many adventures.