02 March 2005

am i five?

sean is not reading dostoyevsky's the brothers karamozov. i just thought you all should know. the man reads a lot, he's even read that book already, but he's just not reading it now...so i don't think that it should be on his blog. if he wants to make a whole section about books he LIKES then i'll let it go.

day in the life of the oldroyds:
this past monday sean and i both had the day off. we had plans to go to nederland and just hang out in the mountains. sean, who usually gets up before me...kept on sleeping. which was fine. i had a quiet morning and just hung out with the animals. once sean got up, we just didn't feel as though we had the energy to take a trip, so instead sean worked on his car (which has issues again...but now are maybe fixed? we hope) i sat in a chair in the garage and just talked to him while kenna paced endlessly chasing the shadow of bugs on the concrete, while amos did whatever it is he does.. our neighbor came over from across the street (who had just recently painted our house) because he had a bit of paint on some windows that he was going to scrape off. he stayed for a while to try and help sean fix the car, but was also confused by the problem. while i was trying to entertain myself during all of the listening to the car and shadow chasing i found an unused flower pot and decided that i wanted to do some gardening. so after the car goings on had ended sean and i planted some seeds in a few pots. then sean had to leave to go into boulder (we live 25 minutes from the restaurant that he/i work at) and i was going to just watch a bit of TV while he was gone, but my cold completely overtook me and i fell asleep on the couch at 300pm when i woke up around 600pm sean had made dinner and was just waiting for me to wake up. so we ate dinner and watch the oscars (which we had previously taped).

not a terribly exciting day, but there's us.

p.s. if you read this it's probably because you read sean's blog. so when sean mentioned that he had asked the owners of the restaurant for more work to help with a down payment on a house... what he didn't say is that they responded by saying that they would like for us to take over the restaurant. it's a huge compliment, and we're not ready to or wanting to at this point. but i just thought i would clarify that for you. because knowing my husband he wouldn't ever have divulged that his boss has so much faith and trust in him that he would hand over his restaurant to him.

post script

so i forgot to say a couple of things. one: polly shore DOES have a new movie called POLLY SHORE IS DEAD. before you ask how it is.... i haven't seen it yet. also, i performed no spell check on the last post, nor did i read it after i typed it, so...read accordingly. peace.

not very good at this

well i'm not very good at this whole thing. i'm not home much, and when i am the last thing i want to do is sit at my computer. i would rather spend time with the animals or with my husband. anyway, i'll keep on going...i mean, why not.

okay, before i go any further i am going to preface this post with the fact that i have a horrible head cold and therefore i am now in the loopy stage in my day, i apologize now. oh, also apparently...word of the day: awesome.

so, what's been going on... my girls and i (my freshman girls) meet for bible study every sunday night, which is awesome. it's only taken me almost 5 months to convince them that it's worth while thing to do, so i'm very happy they've finally decided it is something they want for their lives as well. what else...i'm sick again and/or still i'm not sure which, i've not really been well since our wedding...and now i have a massive head cold. my voice goes in and out at times, but the coolest part of my cold is that i now have deep man voice...awesome. my jobs are going well, nothing to really complain about there. someday however, i would like a job where i don't have to stand the whole time. i really think however deep down inside i'm addicted to applying for jobs where you have to stand the whole time. very strange. i've been working since i was 15 years old, at a grocery store, accommo (okay well that's the only job where i didn't have to stand the whole time), in a kitchen, at starbucks, and now at d'napoli's...all of them standing, minus the one i said i didn't stand...right, okay. for the most part life is good right now. i'm apprehensive about the future...just a lot of big things coming up. not sure what to do with that. OH, and i'm really ready and excited for summer. awesome. sean and i are looking forward to a relaxing summer, and getting to do all the things we couldn't do last summer because we were out of our minds busy. i'm not sure what all those things are exactly, but damnit we're doing them. (ha, woah...got all pasionate about that..) <-- you were all thinkin' it.

today sean and i went out for coffee at a fairly new coffee shop in a new neighborhood which is called the steel yards because it was where the boulder steel yards were originally located. 2/3rds of the (what would you call it...complex? neighborhood? area?) complex is business and the other part is domestic housing. very urban feeling. we had good coffee, and somewhat okay pastries (which i expected..what coffee shop actually has great pastries? it's just part of the deal). the owner of the coffee shop seemed like a very cool guy to work for. moving on. so then we had already dragged our butts into boulder so we decided to just hang out until sean had to go to work, which meant we still had like 2.5 hours to keep ourselves entertained. we walked next door to a dog and cat bakery and hung out with a very old and fat beagle, and a very old but not fat... DANG IT i can't remember what kind of dog it is...you know, like the one in turner and hooch. we ended up buying kenna a lama/sheep like fuzzy toy dolly, and some treats. (pizza, cheese, and peanut butter flavored). i really wanted to buy amos a collar with spikes on it but they didn't have any. unfortunate. don't worry though, i'm going to pets mart tomorrow. then we decided to look at these new lofts that were just finished and should be on the market on north broadway. they seemed nice. which then lead us to wanting to go look at the townhomes at dakota ridge. and then back to the holiday neighborhood. all very exciting. who knows what's in store.

okay, gotta go...i'm going to be late for club...again. geeze.