03 May 2005

the zoo sucka!

today i spilt an entire venti drink on some poor unsuspecting lady. i did this during the first 3 minutes i was at work. the rest of my day followed accordingly. so yes also today...feeling like a moron.
sean and i leave to go to denver and then colorado springs tomorrow morning. the final destination being the zoo in colorado springs. amanda and her friend ross are going as well. i've been looking forward to it since sunday (when we decided to go).
after the zoo ross has some appointment or something down in the springs, and sean might have some guy buy his car. then sean is off to take the grandparents to the train station, and i have a shower to go to for a bride-to-be (:

i'll go, but...
so sometimes i agree to do things, but only if i can make some rules that must be followed. like once i was really tired and i didn't want to go to the grocery store, but sean really wanted me to come with him (you can tell these are really interesting, important-for-you-to-know kind of stories eh?) anyway, i agreed to go as long as i didn't have to take my sunglasses off for the entire time we were inside the grocery store, and as long as i didn't have to talk to anyone in the aisles.
i agreed to get up early on my ONE day to sleep in to go to the zoo with everyone as long as i could wear my pj's all the way down to the springs, and maybe even into the zoo.

other big news:
1) our fish are schooling
2) we're not going to buy a house
3) we hope to sell sean's car tomorrow
4) kenna rolled in a whole lot of poop.