29 June 2007

coming soon...

i'm sure that sean & i will see the new harry potter movie when it comes out. but more importantly we'll probably go with these two....& maybe we'll make him sign autographs.

14 June 2007

magic 8 ball

my view as kenna and i played with the cat in our backyard this evening.
preemptive responses to your questions: 1] yes our "yard" is huge. 2] yes, that is part of the pond in said yard. 3] most likely i contracted west nile while taking this picture. when i asked the magic 8 ball, it replied, "Signs Point To Yes", i suppose i can be thankful that the response wasn't "It Is Decidedly So."

13 June 2007

the stresses of everyday life

clearly, life's demands have been too much for him lately. keeping up with his bug killing quota has simply taken a toll on his young body...that or he's still wiped out from killing the atomic sized rat.

12 June 2007


i am part native american. actual part, as in my dad's grandfather was the real deal. my dad & his brothers and sisters used to beg him to do rain dances in their backyard when he would come to visit. my pops is also irish. my mother is english & welsh [& lots of other bits of european i'm sure]. so at times i can't help but think, "am i the oppressor? or the oppressed?" at some point my friend posted about the fact that every white person is an oppressor & a colonizer [that's is badly summarized, read her statement here.]
and ever since i read that post of hers i have thought to myself, "would i say that i am those things?"
i am those things, and i am not those things.

you'd never guess

that often i am awoken by the voice of johnathan capp saying, "wake-y, wake-y, eggs & bake-y, get up, rise & shine. Wooooo!"
[it's sean's alarm clock]

10 June 2007

a bit more like home

baseball seasons makes colorado feel a bit more like home for me each summer. the dodgers will always be my team. always. however, i must admit that i have found a favorite on the rockies team. jeff "baby face" francis.
it's sad when you're favorite is a pitcher however, because they're not always going to play. but he is by far my favorite for the rockies. my other favorites are Kazuo Matsui & ryan "fancy face" spilborghs.