13 June 2005


when a song speaks to me...i could listen to it over and over and over for a week. it's not that i listen to it until i don't like it anymore or don't want to hear it anymore, it's just some collision in my life with where i am and what that song is and feels like and the emotion that it pulls out. sometimes it's simply the music and the way it rises and falls.
this makes sean crazy. he doesn't understand how i could sit and listen to the same song over and over again. once a cd has played once through, he needs to move on. put something new on. i'm sure this says a lot about who i am and who he is, but that's not really what i'm getting at. i don't know what i'm getting at... sometimes i just need the repetition in my life, or maybe the comfort of knowing where the music is going? no...i dont' think that's it....it helps me think, work things out in my head. at times i get so worked up in my head that nothing can come out. i think it helps me process. helps me to put things in order, get things out, let things go.

the song currently playing over and over: FAIR by REMY ZERO

04 June 2005

much changing

this seems to be a time of much changing. i am getting ready to go to school in the fall...well wait, it starts a little further back than that.... amanda graduated from college last month, so she's back with the parents and working at a great breakfast and lunch place called lucil's which serves new orleans style food (the beinges - i can't spell it but they are doughnut type things that come to your table hot and fresh and COVERED in powdered sugar - are amazing..i could probably eat them everyday) so now that amanda's done with school we have lots of time to hang out, which is great. we have to fit it all in right now because she's moving to london this fall....much changing. also, our very good friend deanna, and our very good friends anne and jonathan are moving to denver!! sean and i are looking forward to having them close by again. they bring joy and laughter and comfort (and love) to our lives. sean and i have found a new place to live and will be moving at the end of june. we're moving into boulder and we look forward to being closer to family and work and everything. sean is looking for a new job, and i am getting ready to go to school in the fall... much changing. as far as the animals go...kenna will be living on 100 acres of land where she'll be able to run around again, and our cat will be living in the young life house where his job will be to catch mice.

this time of changing is hard for me...well actually this time BEFORE things actually change is hard for me. the in between time. i know we are being taken care of and watched over, and so i strive to learn how to trust and relax. it's not easy.
on a completely different note, i was in PEPPERCORN the other day (a store on the pearl street mall - just jam-packed with everything from decorations, to plates, pot and and pans to cookbooks, and linens.) and i was passing by the teapot, tea cup area where there were tons of different jams and lemon curd and biscuits and teas and it made me think of laura cosby. (laura - continue to bless people with tea time, it is a much needed thing (: know that you are loved and missed here.)