16 March 2008

...and we bought one of these this weekend

it's an exciting book

I will spend the rest of this evening and probably a fair portion of the early morning (do to my complete lack of time management skills) studying the respiratory system. the above photograph is of tracheal epithelium showing both ciliated cells and nonciliated goblet cells. so pretty. however, let's be positive, glass half-full type of people. it's not that I lack time management skills, it's just that my time wasting skills are highly developed. h-i-g-h-l-y developed.

on a completely different note, because although I know that you were riveted by the above topic, one must move on, least we find ourselves stuck tumbling down a rabbit hole of looping conversation about epithelium - which, is more easily done that one might imagine. I spent the better part of my time wasting skills researching a trip to upstate new york via the train. it's all very exciting. the prospect of traveling by train, and being able to spend our "lay over" time in chicago roaming the city, exploring & eating incredible pizza is strangely more alluring than being stuck in airports (and all that comes with them) for 24 hours straight. if we can pull this off well, we could be planning our most romantic "period piece" vacation ever. traveling by train to the grandparent's lake cottage, spending a day in chicago on departure and return travel, and enjoying our strange compartment room on a train sounds like a trip that will ensue an onslaught of incredible stories. not to mention that scenes of the darjeeling limited will flash through my memory continually - hopefully some quintessential sunglasses can be purchased for this trip...

12 March 2008

dada da da do

...you're gunna want it.

jaymay has stolen my heart. especially the song gray or blue from their "new" (released this past november) album autumn fallin. maybe it's the fact that the lyrics are lovely, or perhaps that they made great use of a xylophone, a ukulele and a string bass; but it's like someone wrote incredible strolling music.

brings back a little of the feeling like life can still be romantic. two years ago, when i was walking out on the rickety old wooden dock at the lake house in upstate new york on a balmy july evening and i encountered fireflies for the first time. it was like my still small voice said, "oh. life is romantic.
indelibly romantic".

07 March 2008

aspirations part II

if in any way i could write this well i might not feel so awkward about having a blog. (note: not so awkward. i would still feel awkward about it.) this may be one of the truest, and most hysterical, things i have ever read. this post in particular. but she in general is hilarious - [the underwear drawer]. one of those people who makes you feel like you could have odd stalker tendencies if you lived in closer proximity. or that you might find yourself desperately trying to be a friend to a total stranger, because they are that cool.

also she gives me hope that sean and i can survive whatever may come in this crazy journey that we've embarked upon. these next...this next decade of our lives is THE scariest thing i've ever decided to take on with someone. but it is a huge consolation that i feel that somehow i won't have to lose myself in the process. that the madness within which gives me the ability to laugh at myself and at life, freak out inside while upholding some illusion of normalcy to the passing public and create honest, albeit sarcastic, narration to my life will be of some help in this, the craziest of things i've ever done.

03 March 2008


this weekend...awww nope, monday morning 1245am.

last weekend i spent my time drawing...try not to be too jealous.

01 March 2008

friday afternoon boulder

yesterday sean and i spent some time at pekoe. just sitting in the outside cafe with kenna, drinking iced chai and an americano. kenna said she was fine and didn't want anything. we enjoyed the little bit of sunshine, got some studying done and then needed to move on. we strolled over to north boulder park and let kenna chase after pieces of sticks that we could find. once we had sufficiently worn out the dog, we walked back over to ideal market/whole foods and bought some soup & pasta salads for dinner, sat down at the tables outside and enjoyed our meal. soon after sean headed to work for the night. but it was a sweet afternoon.