03 March 2006

because people are asking

someone i work with thought that sean and i were separating because he thought that only i was going to california for the summer. he actually said (and i took this as a HUGE compliment) that if sean and i couldn't make it work that he didn't believe in love in the world anymore. now that the summer staff list is posted people wonder if only sean will be in california for the summer.
sean and i are not getting a divorce. wow, that just really killed me. it makes me laugh out loud every time.
secondly we will both be in california for the summer. sean will be coordinating crestview and i will be working in the fabulous office.
however i have to be honest that i'm really upset that sean and i will miss the grand homecoming of our very fashionable sister from europe...and not to mention harry.
sean and i were in target the other day to buy some stickers for our christmas cards. no, not very early, very late...what else did you expect? but i found myself thinking of the lovely amanda. not ONLY did we see that they now have the first season of grey's out...we also bought some jello. red jello. a.o., we could have been doomed to a slightly awkward relationship for months and months were it not for jello. man, that was close. miss you.
woah - i just saw some little girl pull out 5 live frogs from her diaper on america's funniest home videos.
i also sort of hate school. sorry to all you college lovers out there. i just don't like it. it's not amazing. it's not the end all be all of my life. i think it's kind of lame, a big hype. kind of like school all along, a bit of a waste of my time.
i also would like to announce that emma thompson is my favorite actress.