04 February 2005

new job

so here's how my night went:
had some small tables, people were very nice.
a four year old boy gave me a bracelet he made for me while waiting for his dinner.
total and complete lack of knowledge of wine-bottle-opening....
....couldn't get a bottle of wine open in front of a customer, and almost broke the cork. (i'm cool i know)
nice man who didn't laugh when i couldn't open the wine bottle....sat and read a NOVEL so i sat on my butt for an hour waiting for him to leave.

went home (house sitting for in-laws), ate a mustard sauce (w/pasta and chicken) and had a glass of wine. (which i opened the bottle without a hitch....in front of absolutely no one of course...except my in-laws fat cats. ) my good friend terri came over and hung out with me until sean got home.

pretty good day over all...if we forget about the wine incident. which i trust we all will. i mean....i know i have. i mean lets move on to bigger and better things. things with importance to our everyday lives....like when is polly shore going to make another movie? hummm... yeah.

03 February 2005

last night

tony is in town for a couple days doing interviews for his summer staff, so sean and i were able to meet up with him and go out to dinner. it was a wonderful time. we went to a little irish pub downtown called connor o'neils. we sat in the back by the fireplace and just ate and talked. we had to position the table just so so that the water dripping down from the melting snow on the roof wouldn't hit us, but mostly that just made the experience that much better. it was comfy and warm and full of people. sean and i both had fish and chips, and tony decided on the shepherd's pie. all accompanied with a nice little cup of potato leek soup. it was the perfect meal for a cold night.
things have been a bit hard for sean lately, and a visit from a dear friend was a clear blessing for him. he woke up this morning not seeming as discouraged about things. he loves tony dearly, and the timing of his visit couldn't have been better. sean and i don't have the time or the money to take any vacation right now, and so this was just a little bit of a break for us.

busy, busy, busy

well, obviously i haven't blogged in a really long time. this was one of the reasons i never had a blog in the first place. i felt as though i didn't have enough to talk about to necessitate a blog. which i still think i don't, but i want this to at least be a place for people to check in and know what's going on in my life. so, i'll try and do better.

so...what has been going on in my life? well, last week i turned 21! sean and i went out to the mountain sun in downtown boulder with our friends daniel, forrest and janelle. it was a really nice time. good beer, good friends.
other big news in my life is that i have a new job. i am working at d'napoli's (the same little italian place that sean works) two nights a week now, waiting tables. this is one of the reasons i've not blogged much. on tuesdays and thursdays i work 13 hour days (starbucks and then d'napoli's) and then i work the other three days still at starbucks. i am not complaining at all. sean and i have both been blessed with work. mostly, it's just ment less time to do things such as blog.

so not too much has been going on in the oldroyd house. we were taking the dog on long walks about twice a week, but i had to stop going along because my knees are starting to hurt pretty badly from the 50 hours a week i spend on my feet. which, that's gotten me a little discouraged. my health hasn't been great since thailand, what with one thing or another and to have something else that i'm limited from because of my health...it's just gotten me frustrated lately.

our cat continues to harass all other living things, mainly sean and the dog, and any bugs. kenna has become a much more loving dog towards strangers. sean apparently is taking his anger out on the blond haired children of the world, and i feel like i'm an 80 year old woman with arthritis in my knees.

we are also looking into buying a house in boulder sometime this spring/summer. it's a long and complicated process, but we're just trying to take it step by step (oohh baby) (haha i only hope someone else knows that song out there) anyway we're just taking it one day at a time, and trusting God the whole way. we know that we can't get a house on our own, so this is just a great time of listening and obeying.