29 May 2007

afternoon thunderstorms

i don't have much to write about them. i just like them. i tried writing a whole montage about my childhood and such, including some heartwarming story about rainstorms. but really...i just like them. they make me laugh, no explanation why. the same way roller coasters do, but for different reasons i'm sure.
i have decided to not take any classes this summer and so i am looking forward to a calm, relaxing summer of afternoon thunderstorms...or if it's not calm and relaxing...maybe i'll have a summer like in the burbs, full of adventure...spying on neighbors & suspecting them of murder. i mean isn't that how all those movies start? with someone planning on having a great "relaxing time" like beatlejuice or funny farm. man, how completely awesome would that summer be; a mixture of the burbs, beatlejuice & funny farm.
other random thought: perhaps people walk around with their iPod permanently connected to their head because they wish...like so many, that their life could come with a soundtrack. i mean, it's pretty close you gotta admit.

01 May 2007


i love hostess cupcakes.
it's finals week. this week i have 3 finals, 1 unit test and one presentation. so i bought hostess cupcakes. no they're not good for you. and yes i like the fact that they don't exactly taste like chocolate. they taste like a hostess cupcake. not like any actual real food. so when you ask yourself, "how will she get through finals?" you may now answer yourself, "with lots of coffee, tea, and hostess cupcakes."
also, i find that during finals week there's just never enough time. i'm sure something all college students experience. however i find myself freaking out "what? i just checked my e-mail for 30 minutes?!? that's 30 minutes i've lost now! i'm going to be up forever. the rest of my LIFE! i'll never sleep again!" [a real charlie brown moment y'know? lots of screaming with your face toward the ceiling & arms hanging heavily by your sides as if the world is too much.]
just gotta make it until monday at 700pm. it's like a mantra. monday @ 7...monday @ 7...