04 April 2006

what a guy...

i wanted to title this post wordless, but that wasn't accurate. i am literally speechless. i am so angry with the owner of the restaurant right now that i can't even form sentences, i do however have many WORDS for what i'm feeling, but i'm not sure that they make a sentence, at least not one that would be grammatically correct. i have never felt anger like this before and i have no idea what to do with it. i know that there is a lot of injustice in the world, and most of it far exceeding this piddly thing in our lives...i just really never thought that someone would refuse to pay someone for their job. just refuse. sean was in the hospital for 4..5? days because of a horrible appendicitis and his boss took him off salary while he was in the hospital because he wasn't going to technically work 40 hours that week (he would only work 20), and then following week when he worked 65+ hours RIGHT AFTER SURGERY (so stay with me, now that's the full 2 week period...with a total of 85+ hours worked....MORE than the 80 hours he supposed to work in a paid period for his "salaried" position) and what does this ass do? he pays him HOURLY for the 20 hour week...and then SALARIED for the 65+ hour week, so that he only had to pay him for 40 of the 65+ hours he worked. thanks boss for that help and support during our hour of need.
okay i've got to stop tying or this is just going to get ugly...i've said this all as nicely as i possibly can. i think i need to throw up. i hate him.