31 January 2008

Agenda: Amante

today i will be spending a few hours...let's be modest and say...five hours, with my good friends the endocrine & circulatory systems. only to be followed up by my buddies the prokaryotes, eukaryotes and the accomplishments of many dead biologists.
however to take a bit of the bite out of what can only be thought of as perhaps the worst way to spend one's thursday afternoon i will be studying at Amante in north boulder. i do truly loathe anatomy & physiology II, but i feel once that cappuccino hits my sweet little hand life will seem a little bit better.
on a good note however, i have found that not only did i really enjoy chemistry, but i am now honestly enjoying microbiology. i'm glad for biology that it's finally restoring it's self worth in my eyes.

15 January 2008

sweet indulgence.

homemade mango salsa, a glass of wine & boston legal ... savoring the last few days of vacation.