03 February 2005

last night

tony is in town for a couple days doing interviews for his summer staff, so sean and i were able to meet up with him and go out to dinner. it was a wonderful time. we went to a little irish pub downtown called connor o'neils. we sat in the back by the fireplace and just ate and talked. we had to position the table just so so that the water dripping down from the melting snow on the roof wouldn't hit us, but mostly that just made the experience that much better. it was comfy and warm and full of people. sean and i both had fish and chips, and tony decided on the shepherd's pie. all accompanied with a nice little cup of potato leek soup. it was the perfect meal for a cold night.
things have been a bit hard for sean lately, and a visit from a dear friend was a clear blessing for him. he woke up this morning not seeming as discouraged about things. he loves tony dearly, and the timing of his visit couldn't have been better. sean and i don't have the time or the money to take any vacation right now, and so this was just a little bit of a break for us.


TonyB said...

Tony agrees. I loved being with you but was frustrated by the lack of time but felt renewed to continue on. You blessed me, Julie, and I am, as always, impressed by your life and stamina. Thanks for your love, your dinner, and our lives together... may we grow in them daily.