05 February 2008

simply lovely

Juno, you were superb. Superb my friend. Almost instantly you were true to my heart. You were a beautiful, lovely and honest film and I will think of you often.

Sean & I will be headed to Corridor 44 for Restaurant Week this year. I am looking forward to eating incredible food, drinking champagne, getting all dressed up & discovering new reasons why I am incredibly blessed in this marriage. Tonight while watching House a character voiced something I have always felt - that the more you know someone the more you should love them. That you shouldn't love them as much as the day you married them, but more than the day you married them. As you know them more, you love them more. You find more of the beauty in them and you forgive more of the ugly.


Deanna said...

you two are so sweet. :)

Annie said...

we just saw juno as well - and loved it. what an impressive film. we are recommending it to all our volunteers because the movie gives an excellent glimpse into youth culture and real life