23 May 2008

Lightning McQueen

Gwen Scout, my beautiful niece and super cool kid, spent four days with her Gamma & Gampa and they did a lot of crazy things. My parent's house is a little bit like child heaven - trains, tents, tunnels, orange trees, berry bushes, swimming pools, watermelon popsicles & toys, toys everywhere.

Gampa however is so cool because he owns Lightning McQueen, and lets her drive it! Who knew that Gampa drove a real Lightning McQueen?!? Gampa really is the coolest. Uncle Naan and Aunt Joojie are counting down the days until she comes to visit. It's nice of her to visit us, even though we don't drive race cars.


Marti said...

Awh.....somebody misses her little niece. Very sweet Aunt Joojie

lildra juanit' said...


there is a strong resemblance of you in your baby days. for real, right?

jules.oldroyd said...

Yeah. She's prettier though - with her beautiful long eyelashes.