24 June 2008

The Wild Rumpus.

My brother, his wife and their daughter came to visit us. It was an incredible, adventure packed weekend. I opted to just throw a giant stack of photos at you. There are lots of other things to tell about my month of June, which has been in internet silence I realize. More to come soon. Until then, here's the weekend with Gwenevere Scout. Enjoy. 

Discovered that living on a farm is incredible.

That nap time is very important, for everyone.

We ventured out to the street fair for some bouncy house, slide, magic show, balloon hat madness.

While in the car she would inform us, "We going downtown!" And we did. She found this giant snail, and probably we could have just stayed there the whole time and she would have been happy.

We ate lunch at "the riber" aka Boulder Creek

Played at the playground at Chautauqua

"Monster Face!" Family photo at Chautauqua

"What do you think the horseys are doing?" She asked Sean and I over and over while we ate breakast. 

One last romp on the farm!

Flower picking

And dandelion blowing

And running

She is a crazy animal lover and she loved the "kitty-cat"

It's a pretty hard life to live on a farm and play with all those animals - really takes it out of you.


Deanna said...

she could quite possibly be the cutest ever. so glad you had a GREAT weekend. we'll hang out soon, I promise.

Marti said...

What wonderful fun!

I'm going to miss your house on the farm--it is incredibly beautiful in the summer time.

Loved the flower-picking, horse-watching, kitty-petting pictures.

I think Gwen Scout's middle name is Enthusiasm!

The Thompson Family said...

Ummm...I'm pretty sure she couldn't be any cuter! All those pictuers make me want to move to Colorado.

In the last picture she looks like she's 10!