12 January 2005


so today i've been thinking of friends. (i know i've been posting a lot of pictures lately, but i'm sure it's just a phase and i'll soon move on to something new my exploration of blogs.) Today is our (sean and i) good friend tony's birthday. there is so much i could say about him, but i'm sure he knows. today he is 51 years old, happy birthday tony. we miss you and love you tony, and can't wait for your visit.

(from left to right: mark, tony, and my father-in-law clark)

our friend mark who appeared so normal in the last picture...well i couldn't just let that go.

well since i didn't let mark off the hook, i decided i couldn't just let scott go either. now, i don't post these pictures because i want to embarrass, but more that i want to share the laughter that these people bring into our lives. and i hope that in some small way, this made your day just a little bit better.

soon i will share some amazing pictures of moi for you all to see. i know...gotcha on the edge of your seat i'm sure.

so in light of talking about friends today i thought that i should at least say a few congratulations. because my gosh, the whole world is getting married.
first off...cory and lyndsay pina we love you both and are so happy for you. we wish we could have been there. we have a guest room all ready if you decide you need a little time away to relax and ski!
AMANDA BAKER AND PARKER....man oh man (parkers getting married!). well congrats. we will be there, come hell or high water.....considering the rain out there hopefully no more high water... ANYWAY. we're so very excited for you.
mike and kaitlin!! way to go guys (: i'm so excited for you!
next up...(oh yes folks, it continues...) jeremy and sarah! jeremy sorry i didn't call you back, but i'm glad you got to talk to sean. and i would just like to remind you of that trip we took down to fresno in your loud jeep just so you could see sarah, i hope you're thankful. (:
(haha, and you thought it was over...)
AMANDA AND ANDREW. congrats not only on the future wedding, but on your little monkey too! i can't wait to come and see you guys when we're in cali. we love you both. hope all is well.

okay, i think i covered everyone. sean and i feel so blessed to be able to watch (well more hear of) all this happiness and excitement bubbling over from our friends. and we would just like for you all to know that you all are welcome to come and stay at our house if ever you come this way.


Jeremy said...

Hey Hey the Jeep is a precious loud tool used and adored by me and many others... It may be loud but Its a good loud