10 January 2005

our children

i thought i should be fair and share pictures of the rest of our family with the world. needless to say i'm sure...sean was just thrilled with my posting of the last picture.

so here is the baby of the family Amos(he has no middle name)oldroyd. he enjoys eating, running around outside. playing with bugs and snow. he also enjoys harssing old fat cats, and waking sean up very early in the morning.

next up is kenna marie oldroyd.(well she doesn't really have a middle name but when i'm really annoyed at her i always seem to want to yell KENNA MARIE....i never actually do but well....now this is just awkward. moving on.) she enjoys rolling in poop, biting the cat, going on walks/runs, sleeping on couches, and eating cheese.

maybe later tonight or tomorrow i'll write about what we've been up to. peace.


Annie said...

I love it Jules.. really! Oh and by the way, while I make a mean chocolate cake- you make the very best peppermint hot chocolate around... as well as peppercorn salsa and really a ton of other things. I think I want to visit and we will have some of those things.

Cosby said...

they come from good genes. actually amos' genes are still around here. hope you are well

Katie g said...

Love the pictures of the family!!! Oh and yes I absolutly love sleeping on a bed that doesn't fall apart!!! Although now I have a bed on the ground..Hmmm anyway. Your blog always makes me smile just thought I'd say hello again. Hey by any chance can I get your e-mail addy. I kinda need some advice, and for some reason you keep coming to mind. All right must go for now.. love katie g.

joldroyd said...

hey katie! so good to hear from you. and yes you may have my e-mail address it is: julieoldroyd@gmail.com i hope to hear from you soon.

Deanna said...

Great to see pictures of your fam. :) Miss you terribly. Let's talk toon.