24 September 2006

too late

this weekend i did none...NONE of the massive load of homework i needed to do. i had plenty of time, but yet again was not only completely frozen by inescapable fear and procrastination but also by a cold. i spend the whole day today except for about 3 hours on the couch watching mythbusters and sleeping. now the weekend is over and i feel like crap because i didn't get any of my grandiose notions of doing all my homework and studying done...finding myself going into this week feeling confidant and put together (not as if that's EVER happened...but i still hold on to the hope that it will. i hold on like mold that holds on to your left overs.)
well here's to another week of flying by the seat of my pants, being frazzled, late and overwhelmed. and yet somehow i've even paid to feel this way. this is quite the incomprehensible system we have created.
i had a hot dog, just the dog..no bun, and chocolate chips for dinner...odd, and clearly not my best creation. sean is one of those people who will put the hot dog in a piece of bread if we have no hot dog buns....i am not. no bun...no nothin'. honestly, a piece of bread...a tortilla...whatever it's not the same.
i also vowed today to get to bed by at least 1100pm. it is now 1132. enough.
honestly if all i have to complain about is that i was lazy and that i ate a hot dog for dinner i realize..what kind of moron am i? well if nothing else i'm at least a consistent moron. here's to that. cheers.


shalene said...

If I was in Boulder we would start a club the "Hopelessly Procrastinative Women Who Can't Seem Operate Their Lives Under Any Different Conditions." I think that would be good-I had a hot dog this weekend also-Chicago style. Uuummm!

joldroyd said...

...or if i was in CHICAGO...

Kari said...

Julie! Look at us, leaving comments on our blogs like it's myspace or something! Good to hear from you. I totally can related to the "flying by the seat of my pants, being frazzled, late and overwhelmed" feeling. I am also feeling: moments of incapacitation by the knewledge of all I force myself to accomplish to the best of my ability (not only school, but friends, relationships, etc.) Why do we do this again? Miss you!