02 October 2006

two wake ups

on mondays, wednesday and thrusday sean has to get up at 600am to leave the house between 700 & 730 to catch the bus down to denver. i try on most of these mornings to get up with him as well even though on mondays and wednesdays i don't have class until 300pm. but i figure "this will be good...i'll get things done...i'll have a morning...i love the morning." alas...mostly i fail at waking up with him, but i usually get up about the time he's leaving. this morning however was a whole different bunch of bananas.
i woke up between 500 & 545am (i never looked at a clock) but i woke up to a HUGE and incredibly loud crashing and banging sound in the bathroom. which startled both sean and i. apparently sean thought that i had fallen on my way to the bathroom (not that i've ever done that before) and so in response (he tells me hours later) he wanted to make sure i was okay, he wanted to check that i was still in bed. so literally maybe 2 seconds after the horrible crash awakening (heart still beating quickly...and still very sleepy) sean swings his arm over and hits me straight in the face. all i could say was, "ugh." and sean immediately starts apologizing profusely and without stopping, "i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry..." almost as if he has no power to stop himself from apologizing. he couldn't stop saying it.
so after the whole hub-ub i settle down and try to get back to sleep....to no avail. to top it all of...now i have to get up and go to the bathroom. return to bed...still can't sleep. sean of course is totally passed out. i lie there for a bit and then alarms start going off...and finally sean gets up to go shower. and i think, "i'll just try and sleep for a few hours more." and then the cat outside starts scratching the glass on the door with his claws, which makes kenna whimper and stare at me...ENOUGH. i was awake.
get up, feed the cat, make coffee...drink some orange juice. eat breakfast and sit down to watch a bit of the today show. sean leaves around 730 and i lie down on the couch for "just 30 minutes" i tell myself. i awake at 1000am...alas, the second wake up.
here's to the day!

however. here's what i saw out our front door when i opened it to feed the cat and let the dog out....not so bad.


shalene said...

Jules these pictures are beautiful! I think that sunrise would wake anyone up! Wow! I'm glad there were no serious injuries from the arm.