03 October 2006

my lunch

...because sometimes you need a really good meal. i made homemade onion rings with a blue cheese/cayenne pepper sauce, and a hot dog with mustard. ohh man, it was good. i had to go with this picture because the camera battery died. the whole thing was made and consumed within 45 minutes...now on to the endless hours of studying.


Katie g said...

I am super jealous of your lunch. Have you ever had Kosher hot dogs there delicious, fry them eat with mustard and no bun needed. Anyway, i did plan on going up to camp for the summer but either we we're busy or poor, mostly poor though. So I miss you and hope your well

robrob said...

julie- I am too lazy to open my email account, so I am leaving you a comment. I went through my pictures from the summer and found some good ones of you two, so I will send you guys a CD soon with them on it. I tried emailing it but it didn't work, I might try again. I hope all is well! miss seeing your smiling face everyday!