07 March 2008

aspirations part II

if in any way i could write this well i might not feel so awkward about having a blog. (note: not so awkward. i would still feel awkward about it.) this may be one of the truest, and most hysterical, things i have ever read. this post in particular. but she in general is hilarious - [the underwear drawer]. one of those people who makes you feel like you could have odd stalker tendencies if you lived in closer proximity. or that you might find yourself desperately trying to be a friend to a total stranger, because they are that cool.

also she gives me hope that sean and i can survive whatever may come in this crazy journey that we've embarked upon. these next...this next decade of our lives is THE scariest thing i've ever decided to take on with someone. but it is a huge consolation that i feel that somehow i won't have to lose myself in the process. that the madness within which gives me the ability to laugh at myself and at life, freak out inside while upholding some illusion of normalcy to the passing public and create honest, albeit sarcastic, narration to my life will be of some help in this, the craziest of things i've ever done.


Eric said...

Oh Juuu-leee, you have a blog!
I like keeping up with your life and your humor, thanks for that!