03 March 2008


this weekend...awww nope, monday morning 1245am.

last weekend i spent my time drawing...try not to be too jealous.


Eric said...

I was at the Apple Store today changing out trash bags in the back and it made me remember the time that I tried to "stealthily" change the trash bag in Sherry's office while you were talking to her. I remembering having pre-tied the bag a little too tightly.
I laughed at this memory, and then salsa fell onto my hand from the trash bag and my hand smelled like body odor for the rest of the night!

julie.oldroyd said...

i'm glad you're up as well eric! and i'm also glad that you reminded me of that incredible memory. mostly i just remember shalene standing silently, soldier like, holding a toilet plunger, AWE-fully close to her face. the whole event was brilliant... brilliant.

Jonathan, Anne & Hazel said...

Hey Julie--I hope all is well with you and Sean. We would love to see you guys when you or we aren't so busy. I hope school is going well. Did you get accepted into the Dental Hygiene program...I can't remember if you had the last time we talked. Well, I am back to work and counting down the days until spring break and then summer! Talk to you guys soon...I hope!