28 January 2006

a birthday

january 26
so as everyone has been telling me, i am now officially old.
it is apparently unnanumous that i have no birthdays to look forward to. everything is down hill from here. mid-life crisis here i come. there seems to be some debate that turning 30 could be cool, however when people say that they have that look in their face. it's the...i'm trying to convice myself and you at the same time, but....neither one of us is buying this. or most people are bound to bring up the ever popular "well, at 25 you can rent a car?" but as my friend abe said today "oh, no you can rent one now, you just have to pay up the butt for it." and HONESTLY, who looks forward to renting a car??!? where are those people, no never mind, i don't want to meet them.
i'm sure that there are lots of groans going on out there. a lot of "my gosh you're only 22" it's true. but i think it might be the line that you cross. the old/young line. but no one wants to admit it. it's secretive and quiet and sneaks up on you.
my birthday was wonderful, as all birthday should be. quiet and simple and nothing big. just the way i like it. the only way that i would love a big birthday party is if at the party there was never a bringing out of any kind of cake. no singing of any kind. and no making me make any kind of public speech of any kind. however my dream birthday, lots and lots and lots of wonderful friends (and also my husband) at a fabulous restaurant at one big table eating and enjoying each others laughter, stories and company. but i want to sit in the middle of the table, not at the end and i don't want to sit next to sean. i dislike "couple sitting" it's strange and very alienating i feel to those who have no other. as if they need one. why can't we all be individules? you live with that person, do you really have to SIT next to them at every occation? why wouldn't you want to be surrounded with people you DON'T get to see everyday? odd.
every year on my birthday, since my 18th birthday i have listened to the same cd. my friend made it for me as a present on my 18th birthday. 5 years later and it's still a great birthday cd. i supose i'll keep the friend too.


Deanna said...

it was a great birthday, wasn't it? except for that stupid parking ticket. :)

amanda said...

I'm sorry to break this to you, but you have clearly married into the wrong family if you dislike the act of birthday singing, cake and other such extravagancies. While we can't gaurantee that the party won't be before 10 am, there will absolutely be alcohol, something sweet with fire on it, and a loud mother (if not the entire oldroyd clan) singing joyfully. sorry friend. get used to it.

Annie said...

i remember your peter pan birthday. i forgot what i was though... ah but it was still a good birthday. i also remember your super bowl birthday. i forgot who played that day. wow... now i'm getting old too. 8 months behind you sister. i love you! sorry this is belated and sorry that i have not called. sick with the flu; will call soon. I love your two most recent posts by the way. was a good reminder of who you are julie christine. loves to you

lildra juanit' said...

aw I also remember the peter pan birthday, annie- you were wendy. (I remember all of this too well) julie was peter pan and I....well I was the father. father darling to be exact. I wanted soooo badly to be Tiger Lily, (the reason is obvious right?) but alas, I didn't look quite as ethnically native american, (or at all!) as the little girl with long dark braids and almond eyes standing next to me. my mother had to calm me down, and i pulled off father darling with tear stained eyes. haha! I miss you juls and I'm sooo stoked we are going to spend the summer together. it's been too long. call me sometime, love you, lil

joldroyd said...

oh man - that peter pan birthday was amazing. sometime we really do need to watch the video of it....i am completely ridiculous! it would be completely embarrassing if it wasn't so funny. and i'm still confused why i wanted to be peter pan...man i was a weird kid. love to you both.

lildra juanit said...

I would like to say for the message that juls and I did in fact take a bath in jello once. one of my favorite memories of all time. what kid wouldn't love that? marti mccraw....what a swell mom.