14 January 2006

humm better?

man, i feel as though i woke up on the awkward side of the bed today. woke up late for work - it was one of those drying my hair while putting on make up while trying to get dressed all at the same time. i mean it ONLY could have been topped off if i had had the animals running around and a million children going crazy all around me. so i arrive at work all flustered and the day fell accordingly afterward. just everything gone to crap. i got to work with some people i like which was a bonus, but really, as fabulous as they are...not making up for the rest of it.
i have the next couple days off which i think will be good. i'm thinking about getting to some art projects started/finished - who knows. maybe try and figure some things out.
okay. really, i have nothing else to say. i'm stopping now.