13 September 2008


How does it know?
Ok. So it isn't always genius, but it has been fairly incredible in my life thus far. It will never fully replace the hand-picked mixed tape effect of decades past, insofar that it lacks the love, but it does do the job swiftly... Which is real helpful when you need to write a paper, or clean the house, or any other similar task and would like a little music to help you in your endeavor, but realize that spending and hour or two putting together a playlist would really undermine what you're trying to accomplish. 

Thanks fruity computer system. You're awesome. 


Marti said...

"The Genius Bar is a tech support station located inside every Apple Retail Store, the purpose of which is to offer help and support for Apple products."

Somehow Wikipedia's definition doesn't seem to match what you are talking about. How DO you learn all this techy stuff when you are reading novels and writing papers all the time?

Jules Oldroyd said...

Ok mother. Well I've changed my accompanying photo to more fully reflect what I'm talking about. I was unable to find simply the genius symbol that apple is using, without the text over it - so I just went with it because, like you said I am reading and writing a lot these days, and didn't exactly have time to search forever for just the right photo. Hopefully the linked article in text will help you understand what it is that I'm talking about. (:

I find out because I'm magical. That and because my fancy pants computer updates itself and gives me the newest version.

Marti said...

K. clicked on the symbol and that description made MUCH MORE sense. I think I am magical with Gweny--but not magical with computers. My fancy pants computer updates itself too (I think) at least it says it does, or asks me to. My fancy pants computer did not tell me anything about genius. Your are magical and your computer is a genius. What a great team!

Annie said...

genius serenades our work day. LOVES IT