12 January 2009

Saturday evening, the 10th of January, 2009.

Mayan Theater Denver, Colorado

One by one they show up. Free themselves of coats and scarves. Greetings and laughter fill the apartment. On the docket for the evening: Jerusalem Cafe & Mayan Theater. We catch up over wine and snacks, our stomachs anticipating the dinner ahead. Between sips of wine, we hear about lovers, or future lovers, or those who may never become. We talk about friends and life until finally, we are ready to head out. I had been craving this meal like a lunatic pregnant woman in her third trimester. (It's a simile, don't get your hopes up.) After a short wait in a crowded space, we fumble our way to our table. The food was divine - as it always is, without fail. Gyros, fries, onion rings, chicken & beef shawarmah, baklava... aaahh. Having eaten more than any of us should have, we waddle our way out. A short jaunt later we arrive at the Mayan Theater in the Baker District - a theater built in the 1930s, designed in the Art Deco Mayan Revival style. We found our seats and experienced a stunning performance by Sean Penn. A little shaken, and a little hopeful we collected ourselves back at home. Coats discarded, bags tossed to the wayside, shoes kicked off - we seatled down and simply let the evening wash over us.

Satisfied from the top to the tips. We were built for city life.

Mouths full of goodness - Jerusalem Cafe


Deanna said...

FAB post. love you guys!!

Lildra Juanit' said...

yes you were.