28 January 2009


The dividing wall of books in our apartment.

At times it feels as if all my decisions are silly and inconsequential. Most often, that is quite honestly correct. And then at times they seem not only silly and inconsequential, but also unoriginal. 

It's a lot to take on all at once - foolishness, inconsequential-ness & unoriginality. 

More accurately it is probably more an issue of the wide birth of humanity. The unoriginality of it all, as melodramatic as that sounds. The coming to terms with, not only has most everyone gone through what you have, made the decisions you've made, and even made the ones you've yet to make - but they've even written about it. And some have even done that unfairly well.

I am so small, and mostly I am thankful. And often I am tired of being so silly, so small and so inconsequential. 

It is then, and before then, and after then, that I know that I will never tire of being loved.


Anonymous said...

Well said--especially the last line. Kind of a surprise line, and so perfectly placed.

I agree. And I am pleased to be both one of those loved, and one who loves.

I love you Julie.