11 December 2004

my family

okay, so i'm not sure i understand the posting of pictures at all yet. and sean isn't here to help me...so i'm ON MY OWN.
nothing very exciting happened to sean or i yesterday. i worked early (up at 400am) and sean worked late at night (home after 1100pm). although he did say that a somewhat tipsy loud old lady harassed him about the burns on his arms (from cooking). what can i say, the old ladies just can keep their hands off him.
so without delay...my family:

my mom

my dad

andy (brother) and lydsey (sister-in-law) with first child gadget

my husband (sean)

our children (kenna and amos)

okay so i think my new project with be...well my next two will be, refinishing some old chairs for our dining room, and sewing a blanket. humm...i'll keep you posted on that.