09 December 2004


so for some reason i cannot understand it would not let me spell check the last post. which is just frustrating to me because i never actually learned how to spell, the teachers were on a new kick the "just sound it out" method of learning. well...you all can see how far THAT got me in my spelling adventure. anyway, so i appoligize for the lack of correct spelling, but there is sadly nothing to be done. i'm doing my best.


Deanna said...

Jules, ah the blogs. It's a new wild of communication that I never thought could happen. I love that you'll be blogging. I hope that you continue. Let's keep trying to connect and at some point we will be able to do it! :)

Annie said...

Hi my beloved cousin..I'm so excited you have a blog! I have a site as well except mine is a xanga. i'm not sure why I got that but I did. you can go to it at:

i miss you much. i love you!

Lildrajuanit' said...

Julie! I hope this works because i get really confused with computers in general. BUT. I reallllly hope you read this, because i want to talk to you! i mean really. i haven't talked to you since the wedding. and i can't wait to hear how life is going there, work, married life. i miss you! i'm going to go read the rest of your blog now. write me back k? loves, lildra