27 December 2004

thank you

so now that we are done with the wedding, what comes next but...the thank you cards. i have nothing against thanking people for the gifts that they gave us. but it's when the list is in the hundreds...now i seem to have become an extreme procrastinator in the department of thank you's all of a sudden. and sean is not really the most enthusiastic person when it comes to thank you cards. sean is an amazing cook, a wonderful friend, amazing at getting laundry done, does a superb job at cleaning a bathroom...i love him dearly...but getting even one thank you card out of him is a victory. we've finished about 75, so don't despair all of you out there, you may also someday receive your thank you too. (i apologize now for the long delay).

on to better things. yesterday afternoon our house was full of friends. adam and julie, evan and joni, mark stover, and scott. kenna greeted all in her way (the bark and attack), but soon remembered that she knew everyone and became a love machine. (she's a new dog i'm telling you). the afternoon was wonderful, we just sat and ate...sean made everyone a drink, nothing fancy to the whole affair...just friends at the house. when afternoon had then turned into evening most needed to get on their way. scott and mark stayed and we had dinner. and although i WISH i had taken a picture for you all...there was an amazing display of dancing between mark, scott, and kenna.

sean and i were so blessed by having friends and family over.

(this seems to have been a bit of a serious post...but well, sean hasn't let you in on what we've been doing so i thought i should.)

OH, also i would like to say how happy i am that my friend KATIE G. has now found my blog. i miss you katie...but i'm sure you now sleep on a bed that does not fall apart.


Jeremy said...

Oh Julie how I miss you and Sean. We need to talk my friend I haven't heard from you guys since the wedding and I am sad because of that. I have so much news and stuff to share with you and sean you may end up reading it on my livejournal and that is ok it is www.livejournal.com/users/snowfreak445 I love you guys hope to hear from you soon
-Jeremy Albright

Annie said...

hi i figured it out! i remembered the password! i can leave a comment! i love you! i loved hearing from you yesterday... you're terrific!

Cosby said...

oh how i would have loved to be there. sounds like a grand time. hoe the new year treats you all nicely. and i heard you ahve a year to get thank yous out. or at least a year to try. that was my philosophy. love to you both