09 December 2004


okay, so obviously i do not use my blog much. and until last night i had not read sean's blog at all. so i decided i needed to. which only confermed that i'm not sure why i have a blog. i just don't feel as thought i have much to talk about that really effect people's lives. and i don't want to just use this as my place to put my random thoughts, so i'm not sure what i'm going to do with this blog. i just feel as though my blog is so very inferior to the rest of the world of blogs. so (with sean's help of course) i'll try and disclose the lighter side of our family. sean of course will give all of the political, intellectual, life-changing, thought provocing snipits that he does.....and i'll post the humoros stories, pictures and daily life adventures of our family.
but for now i smell breakfast being cooked...so i'll begin my new assignment later this afternoon. peace.