25 April 2005

day off

the long awaited day. the day off. i struggle with the day off, mostly because i realize that we really only have one each week, and therefore MOST of my life is not a day off. i don't want to live for the day off, i don't want to simply skip 6/7th's of my life simply waiting for the 1/7th. alas, i really enjoy the day off.

so what did i do with the day off? well...i slept in. then sean and i drove to a lady's house to pick up a dining room table she was giving to us. after that we headed off to go to the restaurant. sean had to pull some things from the freezer and put them in the fridge. we stopped off at chipolte to share a burrito (couldn't eat whole ones because we were meeting grandma and the parents for dinner). we stopped at a card shop to buy some cards for amanda's graduation then next we headed to bookends to grab a cup of coffee, where we met scott allen outside writing and watching the hand-stand girl on the pearl street mall. there wasn't much time to talk because of dinner with grandma. when we finally arrived to meet grandma she was of course excited (as were we). she had made dinner for sean, myself, and mom and dad. and there was some mumblings between grandma and mom either about that grandma had HAD a dream, or that in her dream-world sean would sit down at the table and eat the meal and say, "OH GRANDMA, that was so wonderful. i want to get the recipe from you." mostly i enjoy this thought because well...for a few reasons. the first being, doesn't it kind of make sean sound like a 1950's housewife? and two, of course sean would love anything that his grandma made for him. after dinner sean and i collected the fish tank that the parents were giving to us and headed home.

at home kenna was VERY interested in the new fish tank that sean and i were setting up. even hours after it was set up (no fish in it yet mind you) she would run to it and watch it intently, while clawing it with one paw. so since she had gotten herself all wound-up about the fish tank she was equally as spazzy about everything else in the house. mostly but not only...the cat. no matter what command we gave her, it all ended up the same...kenna would run and bite the cat. very odd. it was during this moment that my husband decided to sing something which went like, "matilda, matilda, matilda, matilda!" why, well...no one is sure. it was short, and he only really went through what i can assume to be a few verses before coming to an abrupt ending. all this going on while the cat is running around the house like a maniac. he's been acting strange lately. and by strange i mean behaviors such as: biting the wall and refusing to stop no matter what i did, and trying to gnaw on the floor...why we're not sure. and yes before you ask he is being fed. a few days ago he lost his collar and so he's had to be inside. which causes everyone to go crazy, mostly sean and i. today we bought him a new collar...we debated for a while about buying him a pastely pink collar just to spite him, however reconsidered on the basis that then everyone would simply think him a girl, and settled on maroon. i realize it may sound mean to do something simply to spite your animal, but i feel it is necessary that everyone understand that our cat, although we do love him, is a punk ass.
okay, humm...that's about it for the day off. short, sweet, and out with a bang.