26 April 2005

the theme of the day: i am a moron

heidi works at the restaurant. she's wonderful, full of life, very funny, easy going, tell-it-like-it-is kind of a girl. i enjoy working with her. so the other day, at job numero uno, everything i touched i felt was a disaster. everything kept leaping out of my hands and crashing to the floor. drinks were spilling, milk was steamed to overflow and scalded. my head felt like one big fog. and i felt as if i was in an awful never-ending marry-go-round of a work day. and this was all on top of the fact that i HAD to find someone to cover my shift so that i could see my sister graduate. (well sister-in-law...but that sounds so sterile.) when my shift ended i proceeded..or should i say attempted to write a note to one of my fellow co-workers to try and beg him to cover my shift for graduation. and i was a bit of the way through when i wanted to use the sentence, "i'm sorry i realize i'm a moron and forgot to ask for the day off." except for the fact that i couldn't remember how to spell moron. right then and there i decided, enough is enough. i mean there's feeling like you're stupid and then there's feeling like you're stupid. but when you can't spell moron? i hope someone sees the humor. well, i had two choices....i could wallow in my self-pity and STUpidity, or i could just laugh about it. well one doesn't just go 21 years not knowing how to spell and not think it's funny. so obviously i saw the humor. and what did i do? well what everyone should. i explained the situation to just about every one of my fellow co-workers, prefacing it with the fact that apparently "the theme of the day is, I AM A MORON." it made people laugh, as i hoped that it would. when i arrived at job numero dos of course i proceeded to tell heidi about it. she laughed and we shared some more stories about our complete and utter failures in life. she doesn't think less of me because of my moron story...she simply appreciates the truth and laughter about life. as do i. i mean, who knows if i've even spelt it right yet.


Juana said...

oh, how i miss working with you! all i can think about right now is when we forgot to clean the walk-in and you kept on walking out with stuff and saying "SICK", lol. we filled a trashcan so heavy that Cosby and Jeremy could not carry it out. thank you julie for all the posts, it was a good surprise!


Juana said...

oh! i need to e-mail you. i have some movie things to tell you.

joldroyd said...

i love you and i miss you (: