24 April 2005

things to ponder...

okay i just got home from work so try and stay with me here..

well, i realize it's been a bit since i've had a post. i HAD an amazing one, wonderful, a thriller, heart pounding, edge of your seat, tear-jerker, laugh out loud kind of a post...but something happened and the site was down so it just erased my post and pissed me off. therefore, in protest i've refused to post for the past couple weeks. obviously my boycott has done wonders, i'm a real people mover if y'know what i mean.
basically the post was about what books i'm reading, what music i'm listening to, what movies i think are amazing, etc. SO i suppose i'll just give you the really short, and COMPLETELY inadequate version of the above mentioned creme de la creme of posts.
well, right now i'm reading GREAT EXPECTATIONS for humm...probably the 5th time in my life. wow, no that's not true...okay so this is probably the 3rd time. i know, most of you would say that it's boring and strange, or depressing, or that you just don't enjoy dickens. HOWEVER i just love this book. i'm not sure what it is about it, but i just love it.
as far as what i'm listening to...it's all over the place right now. little alkaline trio, an amazing bouncing souls/anti-flag split, maroon 5, modest mouse, flaming lips, death cab for cutie, jimmy eat world (their older stuff prior to bleed american), mike felumlee/dan andriano split, the chinkees, no use for a name, hi-standard, tiger army, madd caddies, u2, miles davis, OH and the soundtrack from garden state, and on and on. of course there's always a little jack, dave, and waterdeep.
and movies, movies, movies...right now hands down, no questions asked, the movie that i think everyone should see is GARDEN STATE. i don't even really want to talk much about it, i just loved it. it was....amazing. check it out, tell me what you think. tell me what you thought of the music. etc, etc.

so there ya have it. there are other things going on in life but we'll get to those later. i mean, common now, we're only getting over the whole boycotting of this thing..we'll see.

again....i'm just not spell checking anymore...takes too much time and simply discourages me from posting at all.