26 April 2005

man, and i was gunna play my harmonica

(this started out as a post about what tv shows sean and i watch, but crap man...that was so boring. so i erased it...and this is what came out next.)
i wish i had something more exciting to post about this evening, but apparently this is as exciting as it's getting today. i really have nothing witty, intelligent, minorly entertaining, sarcastic or overly dramatic to say.

i look forward to wednesday. every monday and wednesday sean and i eat breakfast together. i love breakfast. i love sitting at a table with someone else who's sleepy eyed and has bedhead. there's no other meal that's as intimite as breakfast. you really get them, no frills, no make up, just pj's and bedhead. and sometimes bad breath. breakfast is true love. love is just flowing from person to person, and everyone's too tired to cover up the things that they later hide from the world, or each other. people are more gentle with eachother. some things i feel are just good in life. breakfast is simply, and quietly...good.

tomorrow we buy fish.


Annie said...

UM Julie that was a beautiful post. great picture of you and sean at breakfast, so sweet. i love you