13 April 2008

uh oh ... ten little fingers & ten little toes

due date: 10 December 2008

we are quite excited and anxiously awaiting the new addition to our family. 

addition via my brother & his wife - that's right "Joojie" & "Naan" will be an aunt and uncle again! 


Cosby said...

you tease and lead me on oh so well.

Anonymous said...

You little stink pot! I thought for sure it was you!

julie.oldroyd said...

wel-luh ... I was trying to avoid the boring "My sister-in-law is having a baby! Yay! We're happy!" type post. And it just was an added benefit that I could be trickster in the process. Common - you know deep in your soul it made you laugh.

KristaCrotty said...

we're so excited for your bro & lyndsey

Eric said...

That was real good...you little sneak!

BTW...we should chat about His Dark Materials sometime, I have read the first two this year and think they are quite the interesting read! PLUS I love that your shelfari has a MicroBiology book as well as a young adult novel on it! Couldn't be more perfect!


julie.oldroyd said...

I like that as well Eric.