19 March 2009

Butter, Berries, Cream & Spice

Because of her and this I decided to make my own homemade butter. And can I just say.. what the hell have I been eating for 25 years?!!? Because this.. this... ahhhhhh. I now spend my time dreaming of what I could put butter on. I actually had to stop myself from making a "butter sandwich" consisting of just butter between two cookies. I know right? But I'm still currently having to stop myself from making that sandwich. 

This butter... if it is possible to make a tangible form of grace - this is it. This is grace. This butter. There is no conceivable way in which I am deserving of this - so, grace. Grace literally melting in my mouth. This afternoon I licked some of the butter off of my finger, and just started to cry. This tangible, edible grace. (And if you want - out of convenience and ignorance I've been eating shit for butter, and this is what He had for me. Don't tell me there isn't a perfectly packaged Sunday school lesson in this. Perhaps, minus the word shit. Maybe...)

For a mid-afternoon snack, and in an attempt to not completely clog my arteries, I had a bowl of blackberries & strawberries with cream, sugar, and cinnamon. It's over. I'm in love. I have a difficult time with Church, "Church", this church, that church, my church, your church, and, and, and, and, and - but what I do not have a difficult time with is this - this makes sense. This makes every word clear. This makes what is hard, understandable. This is joy. This is sustaining. This is grace. This is love. 

Butter Love. Berry Love. Cream Love. Spice Love. God Love. 


Stacie296 said...

And are we planning to post the method of creation for this theologically sound butter?