04 March 2009


I love simple food. Fresh baked bread. Salami. Pepperoncinis. Mayo. 

Simple food - Food that you feel you could eat in the middle of a grassy field with the sun pouring down on you. Food that makes you want to run around. Food that speaks to your soul and your belly because it is simple. Food that gets eaten on cafe tables. Food that is fresh, and simple and has a taste explosion that knocks you down. Food that tastes like love in your mouth. Food that makes you smile. Food that makes you make noise, or roll your eyes back in your head. Food that makes you giggle. Food - the way we were supposed to react to it. Not the jam it in and go. Food as a part of life - not food as something we do to get from one point to another. 

Winter Citrus. Spring herbs. Summer Berries. Fall Squash. I love it. I love planting it, growing it, fixing it, and eating it. 

I know - I talk about food all the time. And yes, perhaps I plan entire days, or weeks around food, or the making of food, or the finding of food, but once you're in, you're in. Once you find your love of food, and then stumble upon other people who love food, the way you love food, then you're done. It's all over. 


-Jeremy said...

Well if I had food like you and Sean make I would talk about food all the time too.