09 March 2009

The Neighborhood Part II

...Did you experience a fit of patriotism and give in to an overwhelming urge to immortalize your country on your living room wall? 


...Are you really into experiential night lights?


... Is this an attempt to communicate feelings of duality and opposition?


Oh. You live in "that area".. with "those" people...


It would seem to follow rational, logical thought that if I live in "that area" with "those" people, that I am presumably by extension, also "those" people. I realize there is a distinction made for a myriad of reasons. I am not interested in having that discussion. Simply ironic and wonderfully hypocritical - the ostracizing of people so that one feels less ostracized. There does seem to be a prevailing sense of security in othering people. 

The photo in actuality? The reflection of police, fire & ambulance lights on our living room wall. A typical evening near the "fax" of life. There is a sense of grounding, a changing of your view of life. Sterile life and gated communities - I'm not convinced of the benefit; I am yet to see the reward. If all we breed is more germaphobic, gate locking, poverty-fearing, privacy-obsessed children.... if that is our legacy, how heartbreakingly devastating. 

I simply wonder, I simply ask - if you don't see it, if you pretend it is not there, does it go away? Are you more safe?


Sean said...

this is very good stuff