27 December 2004

thank you

so now that we are done with the wedding, what comes next but...the thank you cards. i have nothing against thanking people for the gifts that they gave us. but it's when the list is in the hundreds...now i seem to have become an extreme procrastinator in the department of thank you's all of a sudden. and sean is not really the most enthusiastic person when it comes to thank you cards. sean is an amazing cook, a wonderful friend, amazing at getting laundry done, does a superb job at cleaning a bathroom...i love him dearly...but getting even one thank you card out of him is a victory. we've finished about 75, so don't despair all of you out there, you may also someday receive your thank you too. (i apologize now for the long delay).

on to better things. yesterday afternoon our house was full of friends. adam and julie, evan and joni, mark stover, and scott. kenna greeted all in her way (the bark and attack), but soon remembered that she knew everyone and became a love machine. (she's a new dog i'm telling you). the afternoon was wonderful, we just sat and ate...sean made everyone a drink, nothing fancy to the whole affair...just friends at the house. when afternoon had then turned into evening most needed to get on their way. scott and mark stayed and we had dinner. and although i WISH i had taken a picture for you all...there was an amazing display of dancing between mark, scott, and kenna.

sean and i were so blessed by having friends and family over.

(this seems to have been a bit of a serious post...but well, sean hasn't let you in on what we've been doing so i thought i should.)

OH, also i would like to say how happy i am that my friend KATIE G. has now found my blog. i miss you katie...but i'm sure you now sleep on a bed that does not fall apart.

12 December 2004

friends and comments

well, i'm excited because of three things. no, four things. one: our friends anne and jonathan are in town for the holidays. two: we're all going to see our friend scott tomorrow. three: someone commented on my blog! (way to go annie!) four: my mother is giving me her sewing machine.
slightly bummed that my pictures didn't come out at all on the blog, even though when i checked them, they were coming out...but lets not dwell on that. my dear friend juana has given me some help in the area of picture posting, so we'll see how that goes.
for now, i'm off to nap, shower, shop and hang out with sean's parents. (i know exciting life i lead)

11 December 2004

what sean doesn't tell you

okay, i simply thought that i should let you all in on the fact that although sean IS reading all those books he says he is, he is also reading THE DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD . alright that is all, just thought the public should know.

my family

okay, so i'm not sure i understand the posting of pictures at all yet. and sean isn't here to help me...so i'm ON MY OWN.
nothing very exciting happened to sean or i yesterday. i worked early (up at 400am) and sean worked late at night (home after 1100pm). although he did say that a somewhat tipsy loud old lady harassed him about the burns on his arms (from cooking). what can i say, the old ladies just can keep their hands off him.
so without delay...my family:

my mom

my dad

andy (brother) and lydsey (sister-in-law) with first child gadget

my husband (sean)

our children (kenna and amos)

okay so i think my new project with be...well my next two will be, refinishing some old chairs for our dining room, and sewing a blanket. humm...i'll keep you posted on that.

09 December 2004


so for some reason i cannot understand it would not let me spell check the last post. which is just frustrating to me because i never actually learned how to spell, the teachers were on a new kick the "just sound it out" method of learning. well...you all can see how far THAT got me in my spelling adventure. anyway, so i appoligize for the lack of correct spelling, but there is sadly nothing to be done. i'm doing my best.


okay, so obviously i do not use my blog much. and until last night i had not read sean's blog at all. so i decided i needed to. which only confermed that i'm not sure why i have a blog. i just don't feel as thought i have much to talk about that really effect people's lives. and i don't want to just use this as my place to put my random thoughts, so i'm not sure what i'm going to do with this blog. i just feel as though my blog is so very inferior to the rest of the world of blogs. so (with sean's help of course) i'll try and disclose the lighter side of our family. sean of course will give all of the political, intellectual, life-changing, thought provocing snipits that he does.....and i'll post the humoros stories, pictures and daily life adventures of our family.
but for now i smell breakfast being cooked...so i'll begin my new assignment later this afternoon. peace.

11 September 2004


the other day at work, a very old stinky bum came in to get coffee. he rummaged through his pockets to give us all the change pennies, etc. he had collected. boulder, colorado is such an odd place. even the bums go to starbucks and have north face backpacks. i'm not sure i understand yet.

i got on a plane yesterday to fly home. well...to fly to my parent's house. which isn't my home at all, not even the home i grew up in. it's a wonderful place and they're so happy here...but it's not my home. i don't live here, this house/bakersfield/california...i live in colorado now...and i have a house there...but it doesn't feel like a home either. i've been living there by myself, well with the exception of kenna. but it doesn't feel much like a home when you're by yourself. soon it will be a home.

i'm ready to have a home again. i'm ready to wake up because someone else is awake and making noise. to share the bathroom, to have someone else's dirty dishes in the sink, i realize that sounds crazy. but it's how i know i'm home, to be surrounded by family doing their everyday things. eating, watching the news, reading the paper, making coffee....it's home.

it's september 11...which made me think of all the people who lost loved ones....making their home feel emptier, different. less like home.

28 August 2004


when i woke up this morning it was raining. a cold fall rain. it was beautiful. i enjoyed the change of pace it brought to work...watching people as they order their comfort drinks, hot chocolates and just simple plain coffee. it's different living in a place that seems to have skipped summer all together this year.

tonight sean and i spent time with friends. our good friend mark is leaving tomorrow, it was good to see him. i know that mark has the ability to breathe life back into sean like few other people do. he seems to add peace to sean's ever worrying heart. i am glad that mark came at a time when sean needed him.

27 August 2004

to love...

sean (my fiance) and i accomplished many tasks left to do for our upcoming wedding, and were able to spend the whole day together. it's been almost two weeks since we've been able to have time together so today was a gift. the past couple days have been hard for me, and i've been difficult to deal with. tuesday i lost it and sat in my house with the dog and cried. i was frustrated with myself. there are so many things to remember right now, and inevitably i forget things.

i've felt so inadequate at times. but sean has abundant grace flowing from him. he's been working two jobs, 70+ hour weeks. so that we can pay our bills, and just make it by. i'm only working 35-40 hour weeks, and can't seem to get the (soon to be OUR) new house in order, or wash my own clothes.... yet he finds time to cook me dinner, take the dog on runs, organize and alphabetize our books, find music for our ceremony, mow the lawn, etc, etc, etc. i am truly blessed. i feel so honored every day that this man of God asked me to marry him.

today i missed my friend josh haas. i miss his honesty and laughter in my life. what a gift his friendship has been/is in my life.

kenna (a 2.5 year old border collie) is waiting for me to settle into bed. i am glad she is here with me tonight.